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"My mind is no longer consumed with what I am going to eat, what I wish I could eat, what food I could sneak when others aren't looking... Now my mind is consumed with living in the moment. Now that I can eat anything, it's no longer exciting to eat all of the food at one time. I feel like I have been freed from the hold that food restrictions and my weight had on me."

- Mindy W.

'Boldly Overcome Emotional Eating'

6 Month Program

So many people think that overcoming emotional eating focuses on WHAT you're eating. But the truth is, what you're eating doesn't matter. It's about uncovering WHY you're eating.


When a craving doesn't come from physical hunger, eating will never satisfy it. So when you indulge in a craving when you're not hungry, you're not eating to fuel your body. You're eating to soothe or indulge in an emotion. And if you're trying to overcome emotional eating, then it's your job to figure out WHY you're eating to soothe or indulge in that emotion. 

That's where most people get stuck. 

My job is to help you get UNSTUCK. And this is exactly what we do in my proven, signature 6 month program. I help you get to the root of WHY you're eating, and then help you to form and establish a healthy plan to once and for all, overcome emotional eating. It's that simple. 

If you're ready to take a look at what it would be like to boldly overcome emotional eating, I'd love to talk with you. Book your free Discovery Session now, and we will make a plan on how you can get unstuck.


Join My Free Online Community

This is a safe space for you to learn about yourself and your relationship with food. It's a space to vent, cry, troubleshoot, celebrate, learn, share and build community with other women who struggle in their relationship with food, just like you. 

In this free community, I regularly host workshops and challenges designed to take your health and wellness to the next level. You will also get questions and journal prompts to help you dig deep and expand your mindset, as well as fun and easy tips and tricks for overall wellness.

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