• Nicole Dyczewski

Weathering The Storm

I’ve been MIA for a little while now because, well...life. It’s just been one thing after another for the last few months and self-care (which has been feeling more like self-preservation lately) needed to take the wheel for a bit.

As I’ve been slowly easing myself back into the chaos of “hustling”, (for me, that’s building my Health Coaching business, being a full-time Mom, a wife, actively living a healthy lifestyle, etc.) I’m realizing that for the first time maybe ever, I feel like I am successfully weathering a storm without sabotaging my goals.

That got me thinking, “What’s different this time?”

Easy answer. My mindset is different. Like 180 different. This time, instead of thinking, “Oh well, I missed a few days (or in this case like a month) so I might as well quit and re-start when it’s a better time.”

NO. That is self-sabotage and it has no place in my life anymore. Just because life happens, I fall off track, or priorities are forced to change, does NOT mean that I need to completely give up and quit working towards my goals. It just means that I need to hunker down and weather the storm. I desperately needed to slow down and catch my breath. I needed to spend some time with my family. I needed more self-care. By allowing myself to do all of this, giving myself grace, being patient with myself, not being in a constant state of judging myself, it’s kept me moving forward. It might have been very slowly, but it’s forward nonetheless. It’s kept me from throwing my hands up and tossing in the towel.

Life is NEVER going to stop happening and I desperately needed to learn that it IS possible to weather storms.

My current storm may not be over, but because I’ve learned to balance and give myself grace, I am starting to jump back into the “hustle”...right where I am. No starting over. No beating myself up. No “I should have done this” or “I should have done that”.

I am forever grateful for Health Coaching because it’s taught me how to change my mindset, which has allowed me to weather storms instead of running away from them. Health Coaching is SO much more than just eating healthy and exercising. Having a strong, healthy mindset is what’s really going to bring about lifelong change. When you’re ready to stand tall and weather the storm with me, I am more than happy to show you how.

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